Mass Choir Festival (during Christmas week) 
Committee Heads:

Chair: Harry Minami

Director: George Zaima

Asst Director: Mary Momose

Librarian: Bill Wake

Program: Amy Takahashi

Membership Social: Phyllis Kinoshita

Property: Hitoshi Nitta

Publicity: Joe Kobayashi

Source: Choir Notes

Art Exhibit


A display of water color scenes, depicting life in Poston and the desert thereabout, hung in the personnel mess hall, is well worth lingering over or returning to see over and over again.  The artists, H. Yoshizume and Gus Nakagawa, have imprisoned the charm of the desert on their canvases, and in several instances have brought to light the beauty of familiar scenes in which we have not heretofore discerned the beautiful. 

Source: POSTON PERSIFLAGE, February 15, 1945 p. 4. By..For..and Of the Poston Associated Personnel. Editors: Pauline Bates Brown and Henry K. Bearden

Staff personnel


By..For..and Of the Poston Associated Personnel
Editors: Pauline Bates Brown and Henry K. Bearden
February 15, 1945

These are the pioneers who are having the satisfaction of finishing a good job that was started by them:
Dick Akers
Roy Anderson
Edythe Bakus
William Barrett
Grace Bottles
David Bowman
Alvin Bracken
Louise Bracken
Retha Breeze
John Burdick
Alice Cheney
Arline Cooper
Mary Courage
Lillian Dugan
Robert Dugan
Edward Farrell
Henry Fitzwater
Phil Frantz
Ray Goetting
Willimena Graham
Hazel Hall
Arthur Harris
Isaac Hendrix
Pete Homer
Eva Jernigan
Andrew Lando
Thomas McDonald
Dallas McLaren
Cecelia McNulty
Jack McRay
Walter McVey
Ethel Manning
Lee Mechan
Ruby Michael
Reba Moran
Florence Neuhart
Jacob Ottem
Howard Palmer
Robert Parnell
Lora Patten
Anne Peavy
Leva Penn
J. F. Reinhardt
Gladys Robinson
Lorene Satterwhite
Kenneth Schultz
William Sharpe
Wallie Steele
Guy Stewart
Elizabeth Vickers, RN
Edith Waterman
Patrick Wells
William Wilkinson