The purpose of this site is to provide historical information and to educate the visitor about the forced evacuation and detention of nearly 19,000 individuals of Japanese ancestry in the western Arizona desert on the Colorado River Indian Tribe Reservation.  

 Poston began under two organizations: the Office of Indian Affairs , which later became the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA)  and the War Relocation Authority (WRA).

"Colorado River Relocation Centerused by the WRA

"Poston Relocation Center" used later by institutions of higher learning
"Poston Internment Camp" used by the internees

 "Unit I , Unit II, and Unit III" used by the WRA 
"Camp I, camp II and camp III"  used by internees 

Sources of information presented is cited for the reader. This site belongs to the Poston Community Alliance, Inc. , a 501(c)(3) non-profit group.
 OUR MISSION: To restore and preserve the Poston, Arizona confinement site's remaining historic structures (located on the Colorado Indian River Tribes Reservation) for the purpose of creating a living museum and an interpretive center to tell the stories of the Japanese Americans and their internment camp experiences during World War II.
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(NOTE: "Rivers" Relocation Center" is NOT part of this WRA site.  It is part of the GILA RIVER WRA site.)