Nursery including landscaping was one of the first project started.  It proved to be the most successful in all three units.  The work in this Department consisted of the growing of plants for truck production, flowers for funerals and weddings, as well as carrying an experiment in guayule production. 
Poston camp 3 1944.

   Landscape area adjacent to Administration Building, Hospital Clinics, Canteens, etc. were landscaped and approximately 1800 trees were planted in these areas and around the barracks.
Subjugation Crew 1943
It is estimated at present there are approximately 2,000 acres of land which have been cleared, leveled, and under irrigation canals.  There is at this time contrasts for leveling approximately 1,000 acres more.  A portion of this area has been cleared, and another contrast has been let for clearing 500 acres.
Poston canal

This thousand acres should be complete, subjugated, and ready for planting this fiscal year.  Plans are being formulated and preparations being made to have the entire 3,000 acres planted this fiscal year.

Subjugation crew 1943