CBS Broadcast

Chet Huntley (CBS) with  W. Wade Head (Project Director)
Kay Nishimura with Chet Huntley (CBS)

Mrs Lyle Kurisaki with James Norris (WRA)
Chet Huntley (CBS) with Florence Mori


Community Leaders Will Speak to Nation Over CBS at 7:30

     Millions of Americans residing from Maine to California, tonight, will hear through their radios how Issei and Nisei of Poston propose to conquer this section of the Arizona desert as their contribution to our War effort.
     In a direct radio hookup to Los Angeles, Poston will occupy the second half of the official government program, "Report to America," in a coast-to-coast broadcast starting at 7:30 p.m.  The first half of the program will be broadcast from Washington, D.C.
     While colonists cannot attend the actual broadcast, owing to limitations of seating space in the Administrative Building, all are invited to tune-in to CBS Station KOY, Phoenix, or KNX, Los Angeles.  KOY is located at 550 Kilo on your dial.

Source: Daily Bulletin, Tuesday, May 26, 1942

Camp Newspaper

James Norris
Bulletin Office

     The Official Information Bulletin in now located in Apt. 8-A, Block 36.  Miss Ruth Ogawa is acting secretary to Mr. Norris James, Press Official.  Miss Grace Watanabe is acting Chief of the Documentary Section, and Miss Rosie Nishimoto is Acting Chief of Production, with Mitchell Nakagawa as Superintendant of Mimeograph Section.  
     The Daily Bulletin is the predecessor of the Official Bulletin which will be issued shortly.  Official items for the Bulletin should be delivered to the bulletin couriers or the bulletin office not later than 7:30 P.M. of the day prior to publication.
     Due to the scarcity of mimeograph paper, the number of copies of the Daily Bulletin is limited, but few will be on hand in your Block Manager's office each morning.

Source: Daily Bulletin, Saturday, May 23, 1942

Post Office

Golf in Poston

 Work Started on New Gold Driving Range

     A new golf driving range was being arranged at the location in front of the main canteen of Poston III, it was disclosed yesterday by K. Fujinaka, head gold instructor.

     The work on the driving range, which started Wednesday, is expected to continue for several days.  Additional workers were sought by the Employment Office.

Source: 9/11/1942 Poston Chronicles