Boy Scouts

The Boy Scout organization first developed in camp 2 where James Hirokawa, coordinator of Community Activities, and James Crawford, the Unit Administrator were very interested in the Scout program. By November 1, 1942, troops had been organized under the Arrowhead (California) Council with headquarters at San Bernardino. James Crawford was the District Commissioner and a relatively complete Scout organization was established in camp 2 with over 240 boys enrolled in Scout groups. Camp 3 had 25 organized into 2 troops and camp I had no scout organization as yet. Subsequently, 3 troops were organized in camp I. 

The Scouts attempted to follow as closely as possible the general scout program with occasional assistance from the District Commissioner in San Bernardino and the National Director of Inter-racial Scouting. Regular troop and patrol meetings were held, courts of honor were held at which merit badges and other honors were awarded. The Scouts also acted as Color Guards at campwide meetings and celebrations and acted as ushers at send-offs for volunteers.

It was not possible to arrange for the Scouts to attend summer camps, although this was attempted in the summer of 1945. 

The Boy Scouts put on several paper drives in 1944-45 in which they cooperated with the Parker Scouts.