Teacher-Miss Edythe Backus

Miss Edythe Backus was a Pasadena area teacher who had several Japanese Americans in her classes before World War II.  She was one of many who objected to government policy. She corresponded with her former students and gave up her teaching position in Southern California to volunteer to teach at the Colorado River Relocation Camp at Poston, Arizona. 

Students whose senior year had been interrupted by internment published a mimeographed high school yearbook at the end of their first school year at Poston. 
The high school principal and some of the teachers volunteered to work at Poston while other staff members were recruited from high school graduates that were
interred in the camps. 
 After the war, she turned over her collection of memorabilia including correspondence, photographs, school year-books, and watercolor sketches by students at Poston to The Huntington Library.

Source: http://www.huntington.org/uploadedFiles/Files/PDFs/LHTHinternment.pdf